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Divine Release 396 (Alfasta Deltaan) - 35:00 min

Jännitteitä päivä & ajoverkkojen jumalallisen lepotilaan. Tämä kaksintaistelu isochroni & binauraali pulssia tilaan korkeassa, muodostavat pieni Alfa tapahtuu, kautta theeta & tulee matala Delta. On myös kristalli 396 Solfeggio sävy, joka tukee unenomainen meditatiiviset muuttuneiden tilanteen. Raitaan voidaan käyttää kautta kaiuttimet tai stereo kuulokkeet suurempi nukkua potentiaali. Käytetään säännöllisesti tähän voi todella tuki, terveellistä unirytmiä uudelleen opetuksessa.

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6 vastaukset Divine Release 396

  1. I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to make two more versions of this track (for separate sale). Basically, the track consists of what I call anangelic background”, then there is thatrevolvingsound heard throughout the track and, lastly, että “arctic breezeappearing from time to time. I would love to have (and pay for) this very track without thatarctic breeze” (just theangelic backgroundand therevolving sound”) and without both thearctic breezeand thatrevolving sound”) – just theangelic background”. Would it be possible? Sometimes I really wish to merge completely with thouseangelssinging in the background but I can’t as I am interrupted withcold winds” ja “revolving tornados”… :-) Ole hyvä! It would be a treat!

    • Dear Mr Knight,
      Että “Revolvingsound is the Binaural Beat, the sound pattern that exercises the mind. It is difficult to eliminate it from the music and without it would defeat the promise of mind changing effects. May I recommend you contact Jandy using the contact icon in the banner menu above and pass on your request there for a custom compilation.

  2. Love your beats but should this not bedivine” Sijasta “devine”?

    • You are correct Mystic. Devine is an informal commonly accepted mispelling of Divine. We apologise for the discrepency and will correct it.

  3. Moikka , I just got the Devine Release 396 and Resonare Fibris 417.
    I am an insomniac and Devine Release 396 has worked wonders for me. I fall asleep very easily now and this is only the 4th day I am using it.
    I am new to this but would like some help on getting some meditation as part of my schedule. What would you recommend ?

    • In general the different stimulation types are suited for times of day. Early morning the Alpha and low Beta music are better, during the day for a siesta or nap of sorts you can use Theta stimulation with eyes closed. During the night any Theta or Delta is better to help get into the brain rhythm for that time of day. Theta and Delta Binaural Beats by nature need the quieter environment and the listener to be with eyes closed in order to have proper effect so during the initial phase of being accustomed to using Binaural Beats, some people use Alpha music since it can be used during simple awake activities such as walking or reading. For the person who is wanting a boost to learning, such Alpha and low Beta stimulation helps with the focus during the learning exercises, and then a Theta music piece for 20 or so minutes helps the brain absorbs the information better afterwards, as well as help the learner recuperate.

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