Solfeggio Hz Meditation - Vol. 1 & 2

Solfeggio Hz Meditation Vol. 1 & 2 (Dual Download Discount Bundle) save $8.50!

These two MP3 collections (all 11 tracks), have been designed to work together in an extended program. They greatly assist in improving emotional health, personal development and nourishing mind body and spirit.

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4 responses to Solfeggio Hz Meditation Vol. 1 & 2 (Dual Download Discount Bundle) save $8.50!

  1. My understanding is that it takes at least 12 mins to start the entrainment process of the brain, so what is the point of having very short files, some lasting only a few minutes? What is the point of starting with Alpha that is, let us say, 6 minutes long? Wouldn’t it be better to start with Alpha @ 15, or more, minutes?

    • Dear Brus. If you refer to the music previews, the purposes of these is to allow a listener to hear the music piece since there is no reason for buying if they do not enjoy the music. Stimulation of the higher brain wave rhythms such as Alpha to low Beta are ‘faster’ and require less time to manifest and risk over use, just as an athlete can over exercise with more intense activity for long periods. Delta and Theta are much less pressuring on the brain and offer more of the true trance like meditation, when the Alpha and above are more for focus enhancement and in the induction phase for new users of Binaural Beats because they can be used with eyes open during simple activities such as reading and walking. If you seek a more even brain rhythm program, I can recommend the illume in essence range where each album offers one brain wave range for 20 minutes on a separate track each of the same play time.

  2. Solfeggio Hz Meditation Vol. 1 & Vol. 2.
    Why don’t you have samples of the above? I would like to hear first what I am buying!

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